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Hengyi Pacific

  • BEST Awards Silver: Workplace Environments
Year Completed
Jono Parker
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Project Details

Observing the arrival of The Pacifica – New Zealand’s highest residential tower at 178m – in Auckland’s CBD, has been a fascinating process over the past few years. During that time the Wingates interiors team have been delighted to work with the developer Hengyi Pacific to introduce an additional commercial setting that complements the same warmth and luxury experienced by the residents on a daily basis. Originally the spaces were envisioned to be part of a hotel, but the onset of the pandemic forced a change of plan. Across Levels 6 and 7 we partnered with the Hengyi Pacific team to create a commercial tenancy, a shared lobby & meeting space as well as a bespoke office for their own use. We are delighted with the result including The Lobby which draws inspiration from the neighbouring alleyway on Commerce St and The Workspaces that were encompassed by a façade of twists and turns and provide a welcoming and acoustically first rate working environment.

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