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  • NZIA Waikato Bay of Plenty: Architecture Award
Year Completed
Cubro - 4

Project Details

Designed to house over 5,000m2 of warehouse, workshop spaces, retail showrooms and offices the client required a building that could serve multiple functions yet still provide them with a recognisable and unique identity in the area.

While the overall form is based on the simple and efficient warehouse portal it was important that the office and showrooms were articulated in a way that set them apart from not only the functional warehouse section but also the surrounding industrial neighbourhood. The office envelope has been wrapped with bronze zinc cladding and glazed curtain walls giving this area more prominence on the street front, while the balcony elements have been expressed as Corten steel ‘cubes’ that open to reveal a softer timber internal skin.

Cubro - 1
Cubro - 5
Cubro - 6