IBEX Lighting completion

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We are delighted to see our client IBEX Lighting getting settled into their brand-new Wingates designed office & warehouse space in Tauranga’s Tauriko Business Estate.
With car parking located under the office space, banked landscaping masks the parking to create a box that floats elegantly above. This project delivers on the innovative and creative inspiration that is inherent in our multitalented design team.
Strip windows to the warehouse main façade mimic the verticality of the office cladding and louvres create a bright and spacious warehouse.
The Drive-through truck loading/unloading facility works seamlessly, and quality materials & finishes both internally and externally have resulted in a beautiful and functional building for the whole team at IBEX Lighting to enjoy.
We are delighted to have once again delivered an excellent result in Tauriko Business Estate and have thoroughly enjoyed working collaboratively with both the client and CBC Construction ensuring the whole Project team’s vision for the new building came to a successful fruition.

A huge well done to Michelle Teutenberg Shane Forward and the rest of the team!

2200sqm Warehouse and Storage Facility
450sqm Office

CBC Construction
Asterix Structures Ltd.
Kirk Roberts Consulting
Maken (co-interiors)
IBEX Lighting
RM Landscape

Photographer Amanda Aitken

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